Operational Risk Management is no ordinary discipline. It is a mix of creativity, curiosity, balance, practicality and patience all blended together. If you are an operational risk professional with any number of years experience, you can easily relate to all of these characteristics.

Not many HR specialists “specialize” in hiring operational risk staff simply because the experience of the candidate is difficult to match with the required expertise. Missing the mark altogether is quite common by HR firms as many professionals who portray being operational risk “experienced” are unable to deliver when they are expected to “think out of the box”

Operational Risk Institute has partnered with reputable training providers to offer selected online courses in core operational risk areas. Through these courses, bank professionals can understand whether they should consider moving into the operational risk arena. The courses also help operational risk staff boost their knowledge in various disciplines of operational risk management.

Individuals who participate in our courses are also listed in our database for interested employers to reach out and engage for various risk management assignments.

Our Job Opportunities section is open for all employers to post available positions. Please contact us for permission to post.